Opened in Venice on February 23rd at Palazzo Ducale, Doge’s Apartments, the exhibition Canaletto a Venezia introduce you to the atmosphere of Eighteenth-century city with its lights and shadows unfolds through the rooms of Palazzo Ducale, in the story of an extraordinary century and its protagonist: Giovanni Antonio Canal, Canaletto.

This was a period of great complexity and value, of excellence in the fields of painting, sculpture and decorative arts. From its beginning, the eighteenth century showed itself to be a century of enormous vitality and great changes: in the language of art, in the history of ideas and techniques, in social life.

Scientific direction Gabriella Belli, curated by Alberto Craievich, with the collaboration of RMN – Grand Palais, Paris.

Interlinea Fine Art Services realized part of the exhibition set-up.

Until 9 June 2019