Our organization takes care and coordinates all handlings and movements of single works of art or complete exhibitions not only in Venice and Italy but throughout the world: we offer a wide range of services and high standard professionalism in any circumstance; our experienced staff is at complete disposal for any requirement of the lender or exhibition organizer. Our assistance begins with the supervision of the artwork in order to check its status as well as the presence of special characteristics to be carefully considered for the packing and transport.In the meantime all formalities with the Fine Arts Government Offices and, if necessary, with the Customs Offices are controlled and easily handled by our import/export consultants. We can provide all documents, such as import/export permits, CITES certificates and customs declarations which are usually requested for the correct and successful handling of artworks through different countries. Interlinea S.r.l. can provide TARMAC supervision services during all loading/unloading formalities within the airport transit area. The handling for packing, always custom made, and the transport by our special and exclusive fine arts vehicles (either in the Venice lagoon or by road) are the services we can boast of. Assistance to couriers and the fulfilment of all their requirements are provided and cared during all operations. The same high level assistance is given to works of art arriving to Italy or just in transit on the way to their final destination.

Our worldwide spread agents can assure the best result in all the situations. Interlinea Srl is a proud member on ICEFAT (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Arts Transporters): it means the company works and constantly deals with a reliable and professional network of international and fine arts transporters all over the world.We are also linked to the most important Italian Insurers and Insurance Companies in order to cover “nail to nail” all the handlings & movements of artworks.The safety of the work of art and the satisfaction of the lender are our first commitment.

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