A suitable and tailor-made packing of the artwork is one of our fundamental principles. Every work of art reveals its own peculiarities and may be very demanding, but our staff is trained to meet all requirements. After supervising the artwork and its setting as well as the problems about its handling and picking up, our technicians agree with the lender or curators all useful cunning to preserve the work during all operations. We perfectly understand the concerns of lenders (museums, galleries, private collectors) and the requests of organizers and curators.

This is the reason why a wide range of packing options are available and can be offered by Interlinea Srl: from soft packing – using special papers and materials like bubble wrap, cardboard etc. – to different kind of crates, such as clima crates, double crates, traveling exhibition crates, multiple crates or travel frames: the utmost care and attention are paid to the handling and picking up of the artworks. Our inhouse fully equipped carpenter’s shop is run by specialized craters whose aim is to keep on improving our packing materials and procedure; extreme care is versed in using of environmentally-friendly materials whenever possible.

We can also offer a multi-use museum crates rental service: this alternative option is usually very much appreciated and is perfect to guarantee excellent standards at competitive costs.

Crates are made of high quality plywood or heat-treated wood to comply with international rules and limitations. One things is for sure: whether we are dealing with a private collection or a state museum loan, our packing and crating services are always meant to respect the highest international standards.

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