Venice is built on one hundred and seventeen small islands; it holds one hundred and fifty canals in a shallow lagoon which are connected by an amazing four hundred and nine bridges; only four out of all these bridges cross the main canal which is called CANAL GRANDE. Because of its geographical location and because of the abundance of impressive architectural diversity, what may be easy to handle in another city may represent a harder and more articulated performance in our wonderful Venice. At the truck terminal crates and artworks are loaded into special motorboats for lagoon transports; after safely sailing along the channels, motorboats reach the offloading dock which is closest to destination place. Once offloading formalities are completed, crates are positioned onto wheeled chariots and are carefully transported up to exhibition venue or consignee address by paying extreme attention in carrying the works in a correct position by avoiding shakings and sudden movements which can easily occur due to typical uneven Venetian pavement. In case of heavy sculptures, large paintings and so on, motorboats with crane may be employed.
Another option if offered by floating platforms sailing through the lagoon: these platforms can load more vehicles (trailers for ocean containers, fine arts trucks, etc.) at the same time. Of course, Interlinea S.r.l. takes care about all necessary procedural formalities to get all requested authorizations by the competent offices (police, fine arts, municipality, etc.).
A typical logistic problem in Venice may be caused by the famous rising water and high tides. In fall, especially in October and November, it very often happens that the tide rises and the water overflows the banks of the canals, flooding the city: the foundations, the alleyways, the fields, the ground floor of the houses, the churches and so on. Even if it is an exciting and unusual experience for tourists, the rising water represent a serious problem for the Venetians living and working there.It is clear this event may cause delays, for example with deliveries to transport agents arriving from abroad to the truck terminal to pick up the works or in case we must reach the airport to ship a crate by air in due time. Strictly connected to the high tide is the passage under the lower bridges of the city especially if we are dealing with artworks of impressive dimensions. Interlinea Srl, thanks to many years of experience and being directly in touch with Venice reality, can arrange all necessary steps to preserve the artwork and its setting and to organize all right procedures to install it inside wonderfully known Palaces.Our arthandlers and staff perfectly know all peculiarities of our beautiful city and are trained to meet the artworks needs.

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