The structure of the building where Interlinea Srl is located is made of cement and is built according to Italian laws and requirements.

Our offices are connected to the warehouse itself by an internal fireproof door which is closed and security alarmed. The metal and security alarmed main entrance to the warehouse can be opened only from inside when security alarm is disarmed by our staff. Our offices and warehouse (1.200 sq. meters) have a complete central alarm system which is also connected to a private and approved surveillance company.

The alarm system consists of: 

    • contact sensors on all way-in to both office and warehouse, that is: doors, windows and main entrance (truck entrance) to the warehouse;
    • volumetric sensors placed inside the entire building which are installed to detect any unusual move thanks to their infra-red rays;
    • CCTV control.

Our facility is protected by fire extinguishers which are clearly placed and indicated by proper signs according to Italian laws; all fire extinguishers are regularly checked and supervised in full respect of Italian laws about this matter. A private and approved surveillance company constantly checks the whole external building outside office hours. The spacious private access area to our warehouse is meant to allow entrance also to trucks of huge dimensions to guarantee secure and discreet loading and unloading formalities.
In the event the consignee or the exhibition organizers might not dispose of a place to store the crates and all other packing materials during the exhibition, our warehouse is at their complete disposal. Our staff will provide to the picking up of the empty crates and will manage them in order to be ready to be used at the end of the event or whenever requested. In no case our customer is left in need.

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